Everyone is so, in front of their favorite people always do such or such childish behavior, will lose yourself,

When love is approaching, and can not grasp the strength, resulting in both sides are black and blue, and finally regret only in the old, when the rings of life turned to the final, only to realize how stupid they were,

But this way, the young's experience, a living in the heart but disappeared in the life of people, in the depths of the heart, take it to travel, life, time without watering fertilization, as long as there is good, when you walk through the numerous hills and streams, tasted the vicissitudes of life, suddenly look back you will find it had withered heart,

Life in old age, in retrospect is a taste, someone said: youth is used to miss, some people say that youth is a train, only once in a lifetime, one not to miss the scenery, but missed the wonderful trip.

Love is the most beautiful thing in youth. Everything there is so lovely and lovely. For one person to be desperate, it is lovely to think she has the whole world around her,

Everyone will have such a youth, if this youth still accompany you, please treat her (him).

If you meet my youth, please take good care of her for me, that's my whole youth